David S. Goodman, M.D.

I began my medical career as a practicing anesthesiologist  working in operating rooms and treating chronic pain patients on a part-time basis. While many of my colleagues decided to transition directly to treating chronic pain patients without further training, I disagreed with this approach. In my experience, chronic pain patients were the most difficult to treat, owing to the duration of their pain and disabling symptoms. I saw too many patients treated inappropriately by poorly trained physicians. I felt it imperative that I get additional training prior to embarking on a full-time practice of chronic pain.

I, therefore, returned after ten years of practicing anesthesiologyy to train for one year at the University of Washington as a Pain fellow under the direction of Dr. John Loeser, a neurosurgeon who is an international authority in the treatment of pain. I also spent an additional 3 months working with Dr. Gabor Racz and Dr. Prithvi Raj at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center both of whom are anesthesiologists with an international reputation for treatment of pain through interventional means. I then returned to the University of Washington for three years as an Attending Physician and Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, where I treated very complex pain conditions as well as becoming involved with teaching and research that further expanded my knowledge. I am board certified in the sub-specialty of pain medicine, as well as anesthesiology.

10 years ago, I left academics to establish my private practice. I believe that chronic pain is often a difficult problem to treat, which requires a collaborative effort between specialists. I work with a select group of specialists (spine surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists), who share a similar practice philosophy to mine. My approach is to remain in frequent contact with the specialists I refer my patients to, as I find that this leads to optimal treatment results.