I highly recommend Dr. Goodman. I have had pain for over 30 years and have seen many physicians over the years. Dr. Goodman is the only physician to look at all my records prior to seeing me and then formulated a specific treatment plan that has dramatically reduced my pain. I now have my life back. K.S.


Dr. Goodman is wonderful. He is the only doctor who actually listened to me. He is always available to talk even after hours. He actually cares and has made a big difference in reducing my pain. H.S.


I was involved in a serious accident resulting in my being unable to function due to severe pain and ultimately lost my job. Dr. Goodman after developing a comprehensive treatment plan was able to eliminate my pain over the course of a year. I have now returned to work. Thank you Dr. Goodman.  N.B.



Dr. Goodman is the best. I had terrible back and leg pain. I had been to many other pain doctors who only gave me narcotics which only made me groggy and constipated and did dozens of injections none of which helped. After the most thorough evaluation I have ever had he recommended a spinal cord stimulator. Since it was placed I have had no pain and am not taking any pain medications. I now can play sports with my young children.  D.H.



  You must see him if you have pain. He will spend as much time with you as you need in order to answer all your questions and develop a treatment plan. I felt like I was at a exclusive boutique practice where I was treated as a VIP rather than like an assembly line at my previous pain doctor. The results were amazing.  J.J.



As a fellow physician, I had a broad range of choices for treatment of my neck pain. He was very knowledgeable, skilled and very sympathetic. I had excellent results. He is a doctor's doctor.  M.V.



I was referred to Dr. Goodman for an evaluation and treatment of a very complex pain condition by my Internal Medicine Specialist who has a Concierge practice. I was impressed by Dr. Goodman's thorough evaluation which ultimately led to a successful treatment. He never made me feel rushed at my appointments and allowed me to ask all my questions. His practice style is like my Internist without all the extra expense. I have been pain free for over 1 year.  I can not thank Dr. Goodman enough.  B.G.